Welcome to the Essex, L.L.C. website. We believe that the keys to your family’s financial success are to:

  • Develop a set of personal short and long-term financial goals
  • Create a personal financial plan to help you achieve those goals
  • Implement, monitor, and modify (if necessary) your financial plan in order to achieve success.

Our mission is to act as your overall financial advisor, helping you achieve your financial objectives by developing and coordinating all aspects of your personal financial life:

  • Developing your financial goals
  • Managing your investment portfolio
  • Providing income tax planning strategies and tax return preparation
  • Creating a retirement plan for you
  • Designing an estate plan that is both tax efficient and provides for your personal family objectives
  • Outlining an insurance plan which protects you and your family
  • Determining an educational funding plan which is both tax and investment efficient

Many of you have investment brokers, accountants, attorneys, and insurance salesmen
that you may feel have provided some of the above services. However, ask yourself whether or not you truly have an overall plan to reach your objectives.

By utilizing experienced, credentialed consultants to coordinate all of the above areas, we help you reach your financial objectives in a cohesive cost efficient manner. By delivering multiple services at the same time, we have essentially done away with multiple middle men, thus delivering additional value to our clients.





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